Webber's videography services are completely exclusive to customers who book our photography service for their event. No other service will be substituted for photography.


About our service:

Our wedding video service includes 2 separate services which may be combined into one.

The first of which being the  ceremony video.

  • For this service, We bring 2 cameras set up taping the ceremony event from different angles.
  • We bring a lapel mic for the officiant to wear durring the session to record the best sound quality possible.
  • Once the ceremony is over, We will begin the editing process.
  • When the video is ready for viewing, We will burn a disc for your viewing.
  • After approval, we move into the completion stage of the project.

Next up, We  offer an additional service of video recording the reception.

  • Once the ceremony is over, we head out with the wedding party and record the ride to the reception venue.
  • We attend a majority of the reception and are not on a time limit.
  •  When the special dances are over and a few party dances are performed, we complete our recording for the night.
  • From there we are ready to edit. We will contact you when the video is ready for viewing.

The pricing structure is very simple, $500 for the ceremony recording, and $500 for the Reception recording. You do not have to do both however. You may pick to do one or the other.


Regular video editing is included in the price. Extensive video editing is billed at $75 per hour.

It's always good to "try" before you "buy", so Please enjoy watching some sample videos of our service.


PLEASE NOTE: We were ujnable to upload HD Footage because of Youtube Restrictions. However, All of our videos are shot in 1080p High-Definition



Sample Videos

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